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        • CNP entrepreneurs entered pump industry and undertook a key sci-project for the R&D of small size stamping and welding centrifugal pump.


        • Hangzhou Specialized Pump Factory was founded in August,1991.
          First generation WDL was put into production.CNP is the earliest to produce stainless steel stamping and welding centrifugal pump in large scale.


        • Cooperated with Zhejiang Design Institute.


        • Set the goal to become national brand. Seized the chance as government promulgated water purification project.


        • Started develop overseas markets.



        Early stage

        • Annual sales revenue reached 100 million RMB.


        • CNP won National Torch Project and High-tech R&D center, became one of the most influential brands in China.


        • Successfully Listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 9,December,2010.


        • Officially renamed to Nanfang Pump Industry Co.,Ltd.
          Entered large&medium sized industrial pump field. Established a joint venture with TSURUMI Japan. Established an cooperating R&D center with Zhejiang University.


        • Sales revenue reached 1 billion RMB. Established CNP’s own foundry- Nanfeng Foundry.


        • Established an R&D center in Barcelona,signing strategic cooperation agreement with Spain Water Company Acciona Agua. ?
          Set up a joint venture with Honeywell.?


        Fast growing period

        • Expanded business from traditional manufacturing sector to environmental protection field,acquiring two environmental groups.?


        • The group was named as Nanfang Zhongjin Environment Co.,Ltd.
          Certified as with national enterprise technology center.
          Reached strategic agreement with Schneider Electric.
          Ultra-efficient three-phase asynchronous motor passed test and qualification.
          Acquired TIGERFLOW Holdings Inc in USA.


        • For pump manufacturing sector, sales reached 2.3 billion RMB.
          Fire pump diesel unit obtained UL and FM certification.


        • Started smart factory plan towards CNP Industry 4.0 era.
          Stock-controlled by Wuxi Public Utilities Industrial Group Co.,Ltd,and became a state-owned company.


        • 4.1 billion group sales revenue, 800,000 pump output.
          Stainless steel centrifugal pump product obtained the NSF61/372 certification of the United States.


        New developing era

        ABOUT US

        CNP, a green water expert beside you.

        ABOUT US

        a green water power expert beside you

        CNP integrates the advanced R&D technologies from Europe and America, with the most advanced industrial design concept in Western Europe, with the production experience of modern industrial clusters in North America, with the most efficient and energy-saving product structure research in Hangzhou, China.

        With the application of information technology, CNP has built its own smart factory, taking the lead in the introduction of SAP resource management system, becoming one of the key units of the key construction project of ?"machine substitution" in Hangzhou, with the whole process of production information monitoring and tracking, applying laser welding technology to the manufacturing process of robot pump spare parts in depth, using progressive die technology to ensure the quality of the whole process of the parts, all of which greatly reduce the production and manufacturing cycle, provide an intelligent production and manufacturing basis for the pump production.

        CNP was recognized as state-certified enterprise technology center in 2016. It is the highest evaluation level for technology center in China. Besides, CNP has been carrying some technical courses in 11/12/13th National Five-Year Plan.

        CNP uses digital integrated intelligent control technology to create domestic advanced M2M mode, intelligent control technology.

        It includes intelligent current stabilization system, intelligent vacuum suppression system, intelligent auxiliary control monitoring system, intelligent non-negative pressure full frequency control system and intelligent water hammer two-way elimination system.